Park Mysteries – an E-Bike Tour

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A morning ride in Golden Gate Park – serene, mist-shrouded. Currently available at AirBnb, or contact me directly!


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Now this is a real adventure! The park is full of mystery, but our hills can be hard on the legs & lungs, E bikes will be the wind beneath your wings! We enter the mist shrouded gates of Golden Gate park near Hippy Hill, drift past the dream-like Conservatory to a mysterious Druid Circle with a gilded past. With visions of the Winter Exposition of 1894, we’ll tour the Concourse, discover an artistic fault line and seek serenity at the famed Tea Garden (on weekends we take in Shakespeare’s Garden). We pass a twee fairy house and make a circuit around Stowe Lake as the morning mist rises. Portals to the Past lead us to the Anglers Lodge, where we might try some fly-casting, then a visit to the bison paddock to glimpse the majestic beasts. Just around the corner we reach the Pacific at the Dutch windmill & historic Beach Chalet, with 30’s era murals of park history. On our effortless return we’ll stop in a deep, dark & mysterious redwood forest, then roll home to Cole Valley where there are plenty of lunch options, or head straight for ice cream!
Because this trip uses E-bikes, it’s fun for everyone, regardless of leg or lung power! Great for family trips & company outings


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