From the Park to The Bridge


Our most popular tour!


Our most popular tour! Start with an interesting and informative ride through Golden Gate Park. Head north past Sutro Heights and the ruins of Sutro Baths and wind through Lincoln Park and the Presidio. Cross the glorious Golden Gate Bridge, then down the hill to charming Sausalito.




About e-bikes: E-bikes can be ridden in “Pedal Assist” mode or in “Scooter” mode. While riding on flats or downhill, the bike works much like a standard bicycle, only giving you a gentle push on the uphill parts of the ride. This allows a rider to get the benefits and convenience of a bike tour, without having to worry about the sweat and strains of San Francisco’s many hills. E-bikes are the perfect choice for San Francisco, as the best views are waiting at the tops of the hills, but dealing with crowds, traffic and parking make a car impractical. E-bikes get you there, and give you the freedom to explore!



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