The Heat Arrives

San Francisco does not endure heat waves.  We whine, and dig to the bottom of our dresser drawers for the clothes we save aside for summer trips to Tahoe.  If it carries on for more than 3 days, we head down to Target or Goodwill to find an electric fan.  No need to spend too much money, it will be over before charge appears on the credit card.  A bike ride on a warm day needs extra planning.  Cross off Mt Tam, too hot and too steep.  Down to Baker Beach is a good plan, but you have to ride back up again.  Best to head to Crissy Field and enjoy the lake-like shimmer of the bay, the red poppy towers of the bridge against the cornflower sky.  Maybe wade into the bay, up to your calves.  You can say to yourself “there, I did it”.

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